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When designing your website we take into account the strategic plan of your brand and the proposed objectives so that it is an element that generates results. That is why each of our web developments are 100% customized. We take into account every detail not only of your brand but of your product and / or service, target audience and coverage area.

It is for this reason that we ask you to complete the following form with as much information as you can give us so that we can analyze it and provide you with a suitable proposal that generates successful results.

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  1. DOMAIN. You must have the web domain registered. We have an international domain registration service with additional cost, and we can do it in your name. Each international name will have a differential value according to the extension used.
  2. HOSTING You must have or hire a hosting service, which is where the website files will be stored and in which we can create email accounts, in addition to other features. WE HAVE a hosting service we offer with annual cost and responds to the programming needs: Once the service is contracted we will need access to the hosting via FTP (In case of hiring a third-party hosting).
  3. SSL CERTIFICATE. Security Certificate that provides your site “Be Safe.” This will facilitate searches on Google and that the information that circulates has the corresponding security and privacy. If you hire our hosting, we will install an SSL certificate for FREE. In case of contracting hosting to third parties, you must manage the certificate yourself. It is not an obligation to have a certificate, but it is a future benefit.
  4. COMMITMENT. Once you have obtained the above, we have already started working together in the construction of your website, so we require to begin and as a sign, 60% of the agreed value, which may be paid by the different agreed payment methods: cash , deposit / transfer or media enabled by paid market.
  5. ANSWER THE GUIDANCE QUESTIONS. That we will send you, if necessary, to know more about your brand in order to communicate correctly on the site that we will create. Here we will ask you for all the relevant information that must be included, means of contact, payment, etc. WITH THIS INFORMATION WE BEGIN TO WORK IN TEAM AND WE WILL GO GUIDING THROUGHOUT THE PROCESS.
  6. TENTATIVE MENU Want to have your website. Example: Home, About Us, The Company, Products, Services, Gallery, Contact … With the information you send us, we can make our suggestion.
  7. SECTIONS We work the design in vertical format, from top to bottom, with different sections or modules that may contain your information. These sections generally relate to the MENU. You should think about the order and priority of the sections that will be seen first, and then those that will appear “down” as you “scroll”.
    For example could be:
    CONTACT (Form)
    With the information you send us, we will put together our proposal of sections that may include other functionalities and possibilities according to the item.
  8. TEXTS AND IMAGES / VIDEOS. Everything you want us to upload to the site, and according to the defined sections, you must provide us with the text and photos in quality to be able to place on the website. If you do not have images, we usually use some free image bank.
  9. LOGO, BRAND IDENTITY, RESOURCES. We need you to provide us with your logo in vectors, and design material / editable files in order to know the identity of your brand and transfer it to the website.
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